Blackout: In Milan alone, during the month of June, a staggering 462 interruptions in the electricity supply have been recorded.
July 24, 2023

How the Barrel System Can Help Overcome Blackouts and Ensure Cost-Effective Electricity

From Palermo to Milan, the heatwave is relentlessly hitting our Bel Paese (Beautiful Country). The extraordinarily high temperatures are leading to a significant increase in the use of air conditioners in homes, shops, and offices. However, this massive energy demand is putting immense stress on the power grids, causing frequent interruptions and collapses.

Italian cities are experiencing unprecedented heat: Rome reached an incredible 42 degrees Celsius, Sicily peaked at 47 degrees, and Sardinia hit 46 degrees. These abnormal temperatures are increasingly causing power grid failures, resulting in inconveniences and hardships for citizens.

In several cities, blackouts have already occurred due to the enormous strain on the electricity network. In Palermo, a malfunction caused a blackout at the Regional Health Department of Sicily. In Rome, dozens of people were stuck inside the subway without air conditioning for about half an hour. Meanwhile, in Milan, 462 electricity supply interruptions were recorded in June alone.