See what three degrees of global warming looks like | The Economist
November 10, 2021

If global temperatures rise three degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the results would be catastrophic. It’s an entirely plausible scenario, and this film shows you what it would look like. After you have seen the documentary, think about if a BlueBarrel with Solar Panels could be useful for the safety of your family.

00:00 – What will a 3°C world look like?

00:57 – Climate change is already having devastating effects

02:58 – How climate modelling works

04:06 – Nowhere is safe from global warming

05:20 – The impact of prolonged droughts

08:24 – Rising sea levels, storm surges and flooding

10:27 – Extreme heat and wet-bulb temperatures

12:51 – Increased migration and conflict

14:26 – Adaptation and mitigation are crucial