Solar Generator.

Barrel combines versatility, efficiency, and innovative design, ideal for residential, commercial environments, and emergency situations. 
Configurations : 
  • 3.6​ kVA - Battery : 0.kWh - up to 5 kWp PV
  • 3.6​ kVA - Battery : 2.4 kWh - up to 5 kWp PV
  • 6.0 kVA - Battery : 4.8 kWh - up to 6 kWp PV

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Barrel Standard

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30-day money back guarantee
Shipping: 2-3 business days

Iconic Design

The Barrel's iconic Italian design is accentuated by its Giotto Blue color, a vibrant shade. The aesthetic appeal, making the Barrel not just a functional piece of technology but also a statement of design excellence.

Easy to plug.

The  ultimate portable solar generator. All it takes is a little skill to make it work. The portable solution makes it convenient for temporary installations that do not require permissions. 

Reparable & Safe. 

Completely repairable and recyclable in all its parts. A practical locking crown to which it is possible to apply a robust padlock useful against theft of the battery and tampering.

Reliable Power Anytime: Overcoming Grid Shortages 

The system's versatility swiftly addresses electricity shortages from the national grid, enabling smarter management of electrical loads, demands, and consumption. In the absence of a network, it ensures continuous operation, eliminating any potential blackouts.

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Commercial Sectors

Perfect for bars, outdoor restaurants, and construction sites, ensuring energy for refrigerators.

Events and Public Areas 

Reliable energy for fairs, sports events, supporting security systems and connectivity.

Electric Vehicle 

Charging stations for bicycles, scooters, and electric cars in campsites and urban areas.

Agriculture and Irrigation:

Energy solutions for irrigation and sustainable management.

Produced in Italy

The entire system is then wired in the Venetian, tested and packaged for shipping . On each Barrel there is the name of the person who assembled it, the serial number and contact details and an affectionate message.

Connection Diagram

An off-grid photovoltaic system, also known as a stand-alone solar power setup with grid support, provides complete independence from traditional electricity providers. This system enables autonomous electricity production, ensuring that the load is entirely self-sufficient and not reliant on external power sources.

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