Module optimizer for panels up to 700 Wp

DC optimizers is the advanced add-on solution that adds Smart features to conventional PV modules for maximum reliability, improving the performance of underperforming systems or making new installations Smart.
Barrel's DC optimizers supports PV modules of up to 700Wp.

Dimensions: With: 138 mm Height: 22.9 mm Depth: 139.7 mm
Weight: 520 g

66.50 € 66.5 EUR 66.50 € VAT Excluded

66.50 € VAT Excluded

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Barrel's DC optimizers

Optimize your solar installation with Barrel's DC optimizers, now available on our e-commerce platform. Each Barrel panel is equipped with its own power converter, significantly reducing problems like shading and orientation differences by up to 30%. Barrel's DC optimizers control voltage right at each panel, thus enhancing both safety and performance. They are perfectly suited for solar facades or complex rooftop configurations, ensuring optimal energy output by maintaining separate DC-AC conversion. Upgrade your setup with Barrel’s smart panels that include integrated DC electronics for smooth operation and extra safety during disconnections.