Barrel and Minister Tajani: A Key Meeting for Sustainable Electricity and Italy's Role in the Energy Transition

Barrel had the privilege of meeting the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, in a meaningful meeting on 2 December 2023. During the discussion, Barrel's remarkable flexibility and efficiency in providing portable electricity attracted interest, highlighting the key role this innovative solution can play in the current context. The hope is that Barrel's versatility can contribute not only to improving energy security, but also to consolidating Italy's role as a key player in the transition towards more sustainable energy.

New charging station for Barrel electric bikes: it is the first project resulting from the agreement between Savno, Unesco Association, and the Basin Council.

The first Barrel electric bike charging station, established through a memorandum of understanding between Savno, the Association for the Heritage of the Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene and the Basin Council, was inaugurated last night. See more. 

Soft Power for Positive Change: The Art of Humanitarian Diplomacy

In an interconnected world faced with complex challenges, the art of humanitarian diplomacy emerges as an effective force for positive change. This panel discussion, titled Soft Power for Positive Change: The Art of Humanitarian Diplomacy, delves into exploring the importance of humanitarian diplomacy in driving positive change and showcasing strategic strategies to contribute to the long-term stability of nations. By fostering discourse on leveraging diplomacy for humanitarian outcomes, the session aims to highlight how dialogue, collaboration, and diplomacy can be harnessed to address crises, alleviate suffering, and foster lasting peace across borders.

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Barrel with the Alpini at the Tractors Festival

In September, when the days are still warm but the nights become cooler, keeping beverages cool during a party can be a challenge. This is where Barrel comes into play, the valuable aid for the Alpini and beyond. With its ability to provide reliable electrical power, Barrel allows you to use refrigerators and cooling devices to ensure your drinks stay consistently cold and refreshing, making your party an unforgettable success.

Barrel at the UN warehouse

Introduction of Barrel at the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot in Brindisi. The visit includes the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot (UNHRD) Emergency Base and the United Nations Global Service Center at Brindisi Airport. The first facility of its kind, established by the United Nations and funded by Italy since 2000, UNHRD provides international logistical services and emergency aid to respond to humanitarian crises worldwide through its Humanitarian Response Depot. The Global Service Center, on the other hand, ensures support for UN peacekeeping operations globally, where Italy ranks as the seventh-largest contributing country.

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Solar Barrel makes its inaugural appearance at the esteemed DIHAD platform in Dubai

Matteo Villa, the founder of Barrel, expressed gratitude for the recognition received at the DIHAD exhibition and emphasized Barrel's ongoing commitment to supporting communities in emergency and developmental situations.

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Photovoltaic solutions for war zones and areas affected by extreme climatic events

Barrel is an Italian company that has developed a system for off-the-grid electricity generation. pv magazine Italia discussed this with the founder, Matteo Villa.

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Fascinating! Here's why an Italian company is marketing solar installations in barrels

An Italian photovoltaic company called 'Barrel Solar' has embarked on a seemingly curious business idea. They ship solar installations together with metal barrels. What's the story behind it?

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Italian startup offers solar kits packaged in barrels

“Our priority is always to offer immediate and reliable energy solutions in emergency situations, helping communities to recover and rebuild,” he said. “We continue to work with international and local organization to extend our support into other areas in need of energy assistance,” PV Magazine Global 

An Italian company in the photovoltaic sector named 'Barrel Solar' has initiated a initially unconventional business concept. They dispatch solar installations together with metal barrels. What is the rationale behind this?

In Germany, plug-and-play mini solar installations are now available even in discount stores. The Italian startup 'Barrel Solar' is now selling them packaged in barrels and delivering them to customers in this unique manner. Indeed, there is a specific reason behind solar installations being shipped in barrels. myHOMEBOOK spoke with the company's founder, Matteo Villa.

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This startup devised a genius way to deliver supplies to people struggling in war-torn countries: ‘Recover and rebuild’

An Italian startup is using so-called “oil” barrels to carry solar power kits — sending big containers of solar modules, inverters, and battery storage inside a strange-but-useful container.

The company, Barrel, designed its renewable energy storage kits for remote areas and conflict zones, with the barrel providing durability and ease of transport, as reported by Electrek.

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It’s been said that the entire continent of #Africa consumes about the same amount of energy as the state of #NewYork on its own.

In the central section of the continent, there is almost a total lack of electricity. For the rest of Africa, practically everywhere, there are constant #black-outs. #Marocco is an exception, nearly reaching European standards.
#Electricity demand is soaring, and where you have 0 kWh, you’re stuck in the Middle Ages, rather than the digital age and 5G. 
These are just some topics Matteo Villa quickly touched with Professor Romano Prodi, who was Italian Prime Minister twice and former President of the European Commission, and still Special Envoy of the #UN Secretary General for the #Sahel region.  

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Winner in the BESS category in PV Magazine's Awards.

Fantastic way to start 2021! Barrel has been selected, by an independent jury, as the Winner in the #Battery #Energy #Storage #Systems category in pv magazine's Awards. Join us at the Virtual Ceremony, taking place on Thursday 21st January 2021, at 10 am CET Berlin.

Barrel meet with the new Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin

It was truly a pleasure to meet with the new Minister of Environment and Energy Security, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, at #keyenergy2022 in Rimini. As always, I remembered the urgency of the development of a legislative and regulatory framework that provides for simple and quick authorization procedures.

Draghi’s new Government: between landscape protection and Italy’s commitments in the ecological transition.

The formation of Mr. Draghi’s new government, and pertinent institutional innovations that have marked its initial phase – with the creation of the new Ministry of Ecological Transition – demand a series of reflections on future scenarios regarding the field of renewable energy.

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