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Solar Generator.
Different models available 0.0 EUR
Different models available 0.0 EUR
Solar Module 420 W Bifacial Full Black
Powered by the latest N-type SMBB solar cells and half-cell configuration, these modules have a higher power output, a lower LID, a better response to weak illumination and an improved temperature coefficient.

IEC 61215, IEC 61730
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001: 2015
ISO 45001: 2018
IEC 62941: 2019
107.00 € 107.0 EUR
Module optimizer for panels up to 700 Wp
DC optimizers is the advanced add-on solution that adds Smart features to conventional PV modules for maximum reliability, improving the performance of underperforming systems or making new installations Smart.
Barrel's DC optimizers supports PV modules of up to 700Wp.
66.50 € 66.5 EUR
Panel Mounting Structure
Quick installation, pre-assembled triangle, special screws and mounting plan included
45.60 € 45.6 EUR
Plug & Play solar panels
• Easy installation, in 30 minutes with triangle on roofs, balcony and gardens.
• Connection to power supply
• 25-year yield guarantee
899.00 € 899.0 EUR
EV Barrel Charger 6 kVA 32 A
EV Barrel Charger 6 kVA 32 A 1phase: This Barrel charger is specifically designed for charging electric vehicles. It delivers powerful and efficient charging with a capacity of 6 kVA and 32 A on a single phase. Ideal for home or small business use, it ensures fast and reliable charging for your electric car.
385.00 € 385.0 EUR