Barrel, the solar generator.

Introducing the ultimate portable solar generator, a dynamic blend of solar panels, batteries, and an inverter, all integrated into a user-friendly plug & play design. Experience clean energy anywhere without the need for permits. Available in three models: Pro, Sun, and Light, this system can be expanded with additional Barrel racks to reach a powerful capacity of up to 19.2 kWh beyond the internal batteries. Whether for professional use or casual outings, this solar generator offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet varying energy needs.

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E-mobility, EV-charger, E-bike charging Stations.

Enhance your e-mobility offerings with our innovative solutions that now include off-grid charging stations and temporary setups for events and pop-up parking areas. Our solar car parks are perfectly suited for motorcycles, scooters, and provide dedicated charging facilities for electric bikes and scooters. With the addition of off-grid capabilities, these stations are ideal for locations without traditional power access, ensuring uninterrupted service. Perfect for temporary events, they can be deployed quickly, providing essential charging services wherever needed.

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Large-scale storage solutions tailored for agrovoltaic systems, industries, and remote areas lacking electricity. 

Maximize energy independence with our large-scale storage solutions tailored for agrovoltaic systems, industries, and remote areas lacking electricity. Designed for both producers and prosumers with new or existing installations of commercial, agrovoltaic, industrial, or utility-scale size, our systems enable substantial increases in self-consumption, peak shaving, and strategic energy dispatch during optimal times of the day.

Our storage systems can serve as the cornerstone of an energy community, adding significant value to your installation by reducing payback periods. With compatibility across various incentives, including Industry 4.0 benefits, thanks to advanced EMS controls, these systems are not just powerful but also financially advantageous.

For off-grid applications, our solutions ensure consistent operation for entire complexes without access to the electrical grid.

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Smart Photovoltaic system equipped with MicroInverters. 

Discover the power of convenience with our Smart Photovoltaic system equipped with MicroInverters. Easily set up your solar power system in minutes and significantly reduce the baseline energy consumption of your home or business with a capacity up to 800W peak. This system includes two 420W modules for optimal energy production. Simply plug it in, and you're ready to harness solar energy from your garden, roof, or balcony. Utilize your own creative setup or follow our detailed guide to maximize your space's potential with sustainable power.

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Mono and Three-Phase Hybrid Inverters.

Explore the cutting-edge in energy technology with our latest range of Mono and Three-Phase Hybrid Inverters, compliant with CEI 021 standards. These versatile inverters are designed for integration into Energy Communities, supporting modular storage expansions from 4.8 kWh to over 2 MWh. Our single-phase models are perfect for residential applications, offering power outputs ranging from 3 to 6 kW. For more robust needs, our three-phase hybrid inverters deliver between 6 to 10 kW, ideal for both residential and commercial applications. They can be paralleled up to 10 units, achieving a maximum combined capacity of 100 kW, making them highly adaptable for commercial and industrial setups as well.

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Batterie al Lithio HV e LV.

Enhance your energy solutions with our advanced Lithium HV and LV batteries, featuring a more stable and safer internal molecular structure thanks to LiFePO4 technology—completely cobalt-free. Integrated with a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS), these batteries efficiently monitor and manage cell voltage, current, and temperature. Achieve a remarkable Depth of Discharge (DOD) of 95% when paired with our inverters. We offer comprehensive training for private clients, installers, and resellers, covering everything from batteries and racks to cabling. Enjoy the peace of mind with a 10-year warranty on our products.

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